Livestock Show Trailers

Our "Show Buddy"  Single Axle  and

"Showtime ll " Dual Axle Trailers are loaded with Pens and Special Features.

  • Hand-Crafted LivestockTruck Boxes
  • Removable Lexan Windows
  • Custom Sizes
  • 2-Way Aluminum Roof Vent
  • Automotive Acrylic Enamel Finish
  • Custom Options

Trailer Restoration and Show Pen Conversions

Transport your show animals Fast and Economically............ 

Exotics -  Lama's - Alpaca's - Deer - Longhorn's

Pigs - Goats - Sheep - Dogs - Etc.


oUR NICHE -  Livestock Truck  Boxes Built For YOU ! ...

You May Already Have A Great Trailer !

Our Permanent Pen System

Low Profile Livestock Trailers & Livestock Boxes

 P.O . Box 120   Chickasha, Ok. 73023

Ph. 405-248-2600  Email:

Livestock Truck Boxes

Every Livestock Truck  Box Is Constructed With You In Mind. Custom Options Available To Fit Your Needs.

Bring Your Own Show Pens

LoPro Trailers

Trailer Above Over 20 yrs. Old

  • Sanded To Metal
  • Hi- Build Auto Primer
  • Acrylic Enamel  Auto Finish
  • Painted Wheels
  • Chrome Center Caps
  • New Running Lights
  • New Jack
  • New Chrome Trim
  • Caution Stickers

 Aluminum Livestock Trailer - To Pig Trailer

  • Custom Sizes
  • Cutting Gate In Walk Way
  • Separate Doors on Each Pen
  • Completely Portable
  • Name Plate On End For Show Barn Use
  • Auto Primer & Finish
  • 3- Collars On Top & Bottom Of Panels
  • 1in. Square Tubing Spaced at 4 in.

Made In U.S.A.

Trailer Mounted  Livestock Boxes

Wider Widths & Longer Sizes Can Be Mounted Onto Your Existing Utility Trailer Eliminating The Need For More Tags &  Large Show Trailers.  

NEW!  - Solid Front  with Open Sides

Sides Solid 18"  up  followed by 1in. Sq. Tubing. One Large Door (optional)

LoPro Trailers - P.O. Box 120 - Chickasha, OK - Ph. 405-248-2600 - Email:


Portable Pen System

Our Permanent Pen System

  • Removable Center Post
  • 6- Pen System Shown
  • Gates Lock Back Against Walls
  • Multiple  Pen Arrangement by opening /closing gates
  • Gates in Front of Rear  Doors To Hold  Animals