LoPro Trailers

Low Profile Livestock Trailers & Livestock Boxes

 P.O . Box 120   Chickasha, Ok. 73023

Ph. 405-248-2600  Email: wayne@wichitaonline.net

Livestock Truck Boxes

Every Livestock Truck  Box Is Constructed With You In Mind. Custom Options Available To Fit Your Needs.

Trailer Mounted  Livestock Boxes

Wider Widths & Longer Sizes Can Be Mounted Onto Your Existing Utility Trailer Eliminating The Need For More Tags &  Large Show Trailers.  

Bring Your Own Show Pens

You May Already Have A Great Trailer !

Our Permanent Pen System

Livestock Show Trailers

Our "Show Buddy"  Single Axle  and

"Showtime ll " Dual Axle Trailers are loaded with Pens and Special Features.

 Aluminum Livestock Trailer - To Pig Trailer

  • Custom Sizes
  • Cutting Gate In Walk Way
  • Separate Doors on Each Pen
  • Completely Portable
  • Name Plate On End For Show Barn Use
  • Auto Primer & Finish
  • 3- Collars On Top & Bottom Of Panels
  • 1in. Square Tubing Spaced at 4 in.

oUR NICHE -  Livestock Truck  Boxes Built For YOU ! ...

Made In U.S.A.

Trailer Above Over 20 yrs. Old

  • Sanded To Metal
  • Hi- Build Auto Primer
  • Acrylic Enamel  Auto Finish
  • Painted Wheels
  • Chrome Center Caps
  • New Running Lights
  • New Jack
  • New Chrome Trim
  • Caution Stickers

Trailer Restoration and Show Pen Conversions

LoPro Trailers - P.O. Box 120 - Chickasha, OK - Ph. 405-248-2600 - Email: Wayne@wichitaonline.net

Our Permanent Pen System

  • Removable Center Post
  • 6- Pen System Shown
  • Gates Lock Back Against Walls
  • Multiple  Pen Arrangement by opening /closing gates
  • Gates in Front of Rear  Doors To Hold  Animals


Portable Pen System

Transport your show animals Fast and Economically............ 

Exotics -  Lama's - Alpaca's - Deer - Longhorn's

Pigs - Goats - Sheep - Dogs - Etc.


  • Hand-Crafted LivestockTruck Boxes
  • Removable Lexan Windows
  • Custom Sizes
  • 2-Way Aluminum Roof Vent
  • Automotive Acrylic Enamel Finish
  • Custom Options

NEW!  - Solid Front  with Open Sides

Sides Solid 18"  up  followed by 1in. Sq. Tubing. One Large Door (optional)