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Many prefer to stay with our trailers just as they are listed, however we offer several trailer options below.
If you desire something different on your trailer please call or email and we'll do our best to accommodate.

                                                                   Custom Trailer Options

Bed Liner on Inside Roof                               $20.00 per running foot
Extra Escape Door                                        $190.00  Installed 
Rear Loading Ramp  (hog ramp-Spring Over)        $600.00  installed   
Overall Trailer Height/ ad 6"                          $15.00 per running Ft. (16 Ft. = $240.00)
Undercoat Bottom of trailer frame                  $20.00  per running Ft.
Tread Brite Aluminum Covered Escape Door     $80.00
Tread Brite Aluminum Full Length at nose       $95.00  (Gravel Guard Full Height at Front)
Roof Brace for A/C                                        $35.00
Inst. wire for A/C Bracket to Generator  $58.00

NOTE: Due to fluctuation in axle cost please call for price on axles over 3,500 lb.  

Livestock Truck Box - Custom Options

                 Two Way pop up aluminum Roof Vents     $59.00  (For Extra Roof Vents) 
                                             Hay Rack           $145.00
                 Center Gate Divider W/Feed Rod     $95.00
               7-Way -Truck Connect Light Kit         $96.00 (See Below for Details)

NOTE: 7-way Light kit installed incledes: 7-way truck connector,Outside loading light, inside cargo light and outside toggle switch installed.

 Note: We Can Now Ship Livestock Truck Boxes To Most Cities At The Rate of .50 per mile. Ship From 73018 
                                                                   Frequently ask Questions

Can You Ship Nation Wide
    Yes, We have made arrrangements to ship Trailers to most cities in the U.S. for .80 to .90 per mile.
     Note: We can ship our Animal Truck boxes at the rate of  .50 ( fifty cents per mile) To Most Cities.
What Heights are your Low Profile Trailers available In ?
All of our loPro Trailers are available in 56 in and 62 in. heights
Do you make a 12 Ft. lenght livestock trailer
Yes, we offer a 12' trailer in single or double axle models
Do you make goat trailers 
Goat and show pig/ hog trailers  along with sheep trailers are our number 1 sellers
What is the spacing or how far apart are the bars on the gates inside the trailer
    The gates are made of 1in. sq. tubing spaced 4in. apart to prevent goats from hanging there heads
What Kind of latches do you use on your pen gates
    Heavy duty steel spring latches
Can you build a narrow lane to one side of the pens           
Yes, typical alley way for show pig/ Hog trailer & gates can be placed in the lane for more pens as well
What kind of flooring do you use in your trailers               
2x8's - Grade or Better unless other wise requested
Can you paint my stock trailer a certain color            
    Yes, we use premium grade paints on the livestock trailers
Can I get clear coat or a shiny finish on my trailer           
     We use premium paints that will have a shine/ do not recommend clear coat on trailers
Why do you not recommend clear coat paint on livestock trailers 
    Scratches due to brush or even weeds can cause peeling and may not buff out
Can you build a ramp on the back of a livestock show trailer                     
Yes, it's a typical show pig/ hog  trailer set up listed in our options section
Does it cost more for colored paint                 
Some colors and Metallics Cost  More
Can my livestock trailer be insulated                   
What kind of Axles do you use on your stock trailers                        
    Quality Rubber Torsion Axles/3,500 lb on most trailers,  Alkoa or Dexter brand axles
What kind of brakes do you use                      
     Electric Brakes on all wheels when using brake axles
Do you use emergency break -a-way switch 
What is a v-nose trailer 
Triangular front and roof cap they are more aerodynamic with an updated look/ some call them TRI-Front
What is the standard width of your trailers      
    78 inches on most allowing for more cargo
Can you make different Height livestock trailers               
    Yes, our standard height is 56" , we also offer all trailers in 62" heights
Can you install lights inside my Goat trailer in the cargo area                    
Yes, cargo lights and loading lights are wired hot and is part of our standard pkg.  on most  trailers
What does wired hot mean                              
    The vehicle key does not have to be on or vehicle running to turn on the cargo and loading trailer lights
Do you install lights in the Livestock trailers tack area                     
    Yes, with a separate switch that is wired hot for operator convenience
Do you undercoat trailers                                  
Yes,  we undercoat all fenders and can undercoat the bottom of entire trailer listed in Custom Options
Why do you offer bed liner on the cargo roof    
    Helps to water proof and insulate inside of trailers roof/usualy considered with misters in hog trailers
Can I get an air conditioner for my livestock trailer       
Yes, we usually only install the A/C bracket and Wiring so A/C can be purchased locally (warranty)
What is the reason for an extended tongue on a livestock trailer                  
Allows for easier handling of trailer, helps prevent jack knifing also used for balancing the trailers
Do you keep trailers in stock                              
     When up to Date on special orders we will build for inventory most trailers are custom built to order

How do you  Install  the floor boards in the bottom of the trailer       
    We run them long ways up and down the length of the trailer for a sturdier floor
Can you make a low profile goose neck livestock trailer    
What size trailer tires do you use                      
    Most trailers come with 15 in. tires and wheels   5 hole w/5" center
Can you put a solid side with small windows on my trailer  
    Yes, many lamb trailers have small windows/ I would only do this if you install an A/C
Can the Show Time ll be used for lambs 
    Yes, with the higher solid sides and plexi track windows, adjustable pens, the trailer is very versatile      
Can the pen gates be removed             
Yes, but we use nipple hinges to pen them back flat against the trailer wall usually not necessary
Can the center post that the gates fasten to be removed easily?
    Yes, they are very easy to remove, just pull one pen at the top and they will come out

Do you make a livestock trailer I can pull with an S.U.V.  
    Yes, we build several small lo profile trailers that can be pulled with an S U V or small truck 
What kind of trailer hitch do you use ?
Heavy Duty Bull dog hitch on all bumper pull trailers, we place an extra brace place in the hitch, 2in. ball
What kind of electrical hook up do you place on the trailers 
7-way heavy duty electrical hook up on all trailers, we use electrical junction boxes to make connections
Do you sell to dealers 
Do you sell trailers out of state 
    Yes, we have been fortunate and have customers from Texas to the state of Washington
Do you deliver trailers     
    We will asist with short distances & Have a local transport company for long distance delivery 
Will your livestock trailers work for Alpaca's 
    Yes, we have sold trailers with wider pens to Alpaca Breeders
Do I need a license plate for a livestock trailer in Oklahoma 
    Not in Oklahoma, many states do, simply present your bill of sale to your tag agency
Can the show time ll be used for hauling goats 
it's a great goat trailer and we can place the pens to haul different animals at the same time
I raise miniature cattle and donkeys will your Livestock trailers work 
    Yes, we can adjust the pen sizes & heights to meet your needs
Do you build show pig/ hog trailers with a walk lane to the side
yes, gates can be placed in the lane as well
Can I get an animal Truck Box in color

                                                                                                 Hope this helps ! Feel free to call or email:

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