• Auto Primer & Finish (Acrylic Enamel)
  • Trailer Roof Bows
  • H-Track Aluminum Window Frames
  • Removable Lexan Windows
  • Steel Spring Latches
  •  Bullet Hinges / Grease Certs
  • 2-Way Aluminum Roof Vent

                     NEW !

Miniature Mule Team / Wagon / California Based

Open Sides

  • Sides Solid 18 in. up
  • 1 in. Sq. Tubing sides/ spaced 4'&5"
  • Front is Solid
  • Single Door Covering 2/3rd Width
  • Great For Warmer Climates
  • Same Cost As Solid Side Boxes

4' X 6' Livestock Truck Box

Windows Over Doors -  Hay / Luggage Rack

Truck Light Kit - & Center Gate Divider

Extra Height (56") /Handles/Light Kit

   Livestock Truck Boxes Standard Sizes :

       4ft. W. X 4.5' -5' - 5.5' - 6' Long

         Standard  Height is 39 in. Tall

     Other sizes Available for Trailer Mounting

 Show pig Customer

Might Be A Texas A&M Fan / Custom

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Transporting Show Lambs In Utah

Custom Color Shown - Charcoal Grey

4' W X 5' : Livestock Truck Box

  • 4' x 6 ' Mounted on Utility Trailer
  • Tail Gate on Trailer Serves As Ramp
  • Great For Transporting 4-H Show Goats
  • Storm Pearl Grey Finish

           5'. 6"Livestock Truck Box

  • Hay Rack. - Light Kit - Carrying Handles 

7-way Plug

2- Oval Clear Lights

Toggle Switch

Mounting Bracket On Inside

Installed For $125.00

Transporting Show Goats In Boston

  • 5' W x 7'10"  Long
  • Bronze Metalic Finish (optional)
  • Hay Rack - (Custom Option)
  • Will Be Mounted On Trailer

Custom Color

Above: Lengthwise Divider For Pony's

Inside View

Left:  Very Sharp Rig

Decals Installed By Customer

5' x 8 '   Mounted On Utility Trailer

We Installed Extra Roof Vent

Transporting Show Lambs In Michigan.

Hauling Miniature Cattle & Milk Goats In Arizona

Livestock Box  6' T X8' L X 5'W

  • Divider Gate
  • 2' Tac Area
  • Escape Door
  • Light Kit
  • Hay Rack
  • Cam Latch Rear Door

Transporting Show Pigs In Ms.

Every Livestock Truck Box Is

Constructed  with  attention to detail.

      Show Pigs In Texas

             Removable Windows On Doors

Transporting Show Goats in Texas

Miniature Pony's In Utah.

7-Way Truck Light Kit


5' W X 8' L X 54in. Tall Shown

           Custom Options

Center Gate Divider -          $95.00

7-Way Truck Light Kit-        $125.00

Carrying Handles -              $85.00

Cab Side Viewing Window- $50.00

Windows On Doors -           $25.00 

Trailer Mounting Plates (4)  $2.50 ea.

Feed & Water Rods  (Inst)   $5.00ea

Custom Color -   Most colors       $150.00

Extra Alum. Roof Vent  Inst.  $69.00

Need Something Different - Let us Know

  • 4'X 6'  X 56" Tall
  • Carrying Handles
  • Cab Side Window (5" x20")
  • Custom Color / Maroon
  • D-Rings For Tying

Hay / Luggage Rack Optional

Livestock Truck Boxes Tailor suited for your needs.....

Oklahoma Show Pigs / Metallic Silver

Custom Fire Engine Red

All Windows Are Removable

Questions /  Orders

Standard On All Boxes !

        We Sell Direct To The Public

Silver Metallic

           Stocked  Paint Colors.

Medium Grey Metallic


Silver Metallic

Extra Charge For Custom Colors

    Pricing :  $1195.00  Basic Truck Box

                 Up To  4' W X 6' Long

Ideal For 4-H & F.F.A. Projects

Extra Height For Mini Therapy Ponies /  PA.

LoPro Trailers

Low Profile Livestock Trailers & Livestock Boxes

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Made In U.S.A.

4' x 6' Can Be Switched from Truck to Trailer

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