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We Build to order Low Profile Livestock Show Trailers

At  loPro Trailers we build to order for the customer, same price to everyone, there are no dealer prep charges, document charges, or other selling fees. Our Low Profile livestock show Trailers are a little different, we use a few more braces, and a lot of attention to detail.  Below are some of the most popular stock trailer  models, custom options can be added or removed to suit your needs. 
Pricing:  You will find our pricing  to be competitive in the quality livestock trailer market. We make every effort to purchase or fabricate as many components as possible from materials made in the U.S.A.  It is in everyone's best interest that we build a sound and sturdy livestock trailer for safety and longevity. We still remember the terms "Craftsmanship" and Customer Service......  All Livestock trailer prices are based on 3,500 lb axles and white paint color.
                                  Sherwin-Williams Genesis Paint System Available

                                                                                                            Showtime ll  18 '
           18 Ft. Bumper Pull  Pictured In Metallic Gray
                                    L.E.D. Lights
                                       Six Pens
                               Seperate Tack Area
Trailer Shown Built For Lafayette County School Dist.
                                  Lewisville, AR 

                               Youth Ag Program 

                       Goats - Lambs - or Show Pigs  

                  Epoxy Primer & Genesis Paint System

          Removable Dual Track Lexane                                   


             A Great Show Trailer Available in - 14 -16 - 18 & 20 Ft. Lengths 

                               Show Time ll  16 '
                 Looks Great ! and Easy to Pull .....
LoPro Livestock Show Trailer Features
                    (Available in 62in. heights)

78 in. width x 56 in. height 
6 in. radius (angle) on the Custom Front End
Extended Tongue for easy handling
Bull Dog Hitch and Jack with support Plate
Safety Chain Keeper
Automatic Break-A-Way Switch & Charger
Tread Brite Aluminum Gravel Guard -Front-Steps-Fenders
Removable Plexi or (Lexane )in Solid H- Chrome Molding 
Cargo Lights wired Hot / Rear loading light wired hot
Tack area / wired hot  (Tack Area Optional)
5- New Tires and Wheels / Spare Mounted on Inside of Trailer
  Shown With Optional Tread Brite On Escape Dr. 


                              Heavy Duty Steel Spring Latches On Pen Gates
                              1/2 in. Greasable Hinges On Pen Gates
                              Pen Gates Removable Or Pen Back Against Wall
                              Center Gate Dividers Swing and Are Removable
                              Removable Center Post
                              Solid Tack Wall Divider
                              Nickle Plated & Lockable Escape Door
                              Aluminum 2- Way Roof Vents
railer shown has 6 pens, 3 on each side with a center divider
            and removable center post. Some prefer 1 small pen in front
            and 2 large pens in back Or 3 large pens and alley way with 2 gates.
            Pen set ups are optional. 
 Gates Immediatly In Front Of Rear Van Doors To Hold Animals
Rear Van Doors With 14 X 21 Sliding Windows
 2- Sets Stop/Tail L.E.D. Lights
                               Loading Light Wired Hot
                               L.E.D. Rear Light Bar
                               Lockable Cam Latches On Rear Van Doors
3- Cargo Lights on Inside Of Trailer
                               Rubber Torsion Axles For an Easy Ride
                               Electric Brakes On All Wheels
                               Premium Auto Paints and Primers
                               Custom Steps & Tread Brite Covers

We Spend A Good Deal of Time Preping the Metal by Sanding, Acid Wash, Lacquer Thinner Bath, and Seam Sealing.

NOTE: Available with or without an outside entrance seperate tack area. 

        Showtime ll    In Custom Colors   

               16 Ft. With Hog Ramp                     

                 LoPro Custom                     

 Watch For These Young Ladies Up and Down The West  Coast pulling there new fushia Show Pig Trailer.           

 Hog Ramp / Custom Color / 6 Pens / Tack Area

.         6 pens with Hog Ramp  & Seperate Tack- 16 Ft. 


Custom Options    

The solid sides on our livestock Trailers with Removable Lexan Track Windows and optional pen sizes makes for A versatile Livestock trailer that can be used for a wide variety of animals. 

                          Showtime ll  14'   
14 Ft. Livetock Show Trailer

      Comes With All The Same Features !

       Shown Without Seperate Tack Area

 We can place pen gates on the inside of trailer at nose area to make for an open cargo tack area, when no separate outside tack area is desired. 

  Front Tread Brite Gravel Guard Full Height

                Available in 56" and 62" Heights          

   Transporting sheep in South Texas
                                                                                                                                     LoPro Custom
            If your looking for a smaller trailer, yet dual axle, with many features !

                    Show Time ll
    12 Ft. Dual Axle Bumper Pull
   78in. Wide X 56in. H.
            Available In 62 in Height    
        Aerodynamic Front End
        Extended Tongue 
        Electric Brakes All Wheels
        Removable Lexan Track Window
        Chrome Tread Brite Gravel Guard
        5-New Tires and Wheels
        Chrome Center Caps and Lug Nuts
        6-2 way Aluminum Roof Vents
        Rear Van Doors With Sliding Windows
        Auto Paint and Primer
        Nickel Plates Escape Door Lockable Latch
        Cam Latch Rear Doors
        Loading and Cargo Lights Wired Hot
        Your Choice of 3 -4 - or 5 Pens                                          4- Brake / Tail Lights - L.E.D.
                                                                                            L.E.D. Running Lights
            Lo Pro Custom Livestock Show Trailers

A little harder to find because of the price per sq.  Ft., due to the fact it takes two axles, larger fenders, 5 wheels and Tires etc., just as it does to make the larger trailers, however , we have built and sold several of these Low Profile Show trailers for show exhibitors and cross country hauling.

           Showtime ll  12 Ft. Dual Axle 

               Genesis Metalic Gray          

           4 Pens /6 Chrome Roof Vents

           Seperate Lockable Tack Area

         Showing Goats In Texas            



  10 Ft. Single Axle Showbuddy                                                       $6,995.00                                                           

  12 Ft. Single Axle  Showbuddy                                                      $7,495.00                                                          

  12 Ft. Dual Axle Showtime ll       Without Separate Tack Area    $8,595.00    With Separate Tack    $8,995.00

  14 Ft. Dual Axle Showtime ll        Without Separate Tack Area   $9,195.00    With Separate Tack     $9,595.00

  16 Ft. Dual Axle Showtime ll        Without Separate Tack Area   $9,595.00    With Separate Tack    $9,995.00

  18 Ft. Dual Axle Showtime ll        Without Separate Tack Area   $10,195.00  With Separate Tack    $10,595.00

  20 Ft. Dual Axle Showtime ll        Without Separate Tack Area   $10,695.00  With Separate Tack    $10,995.00

    Note:  Prices Based On 3,500 lb. axles.   
                                                                      Most Trailers Available In 56 in. & 62 in. Heights

                    A Versatile livestock trailer offering many options In A Smaller Package

                          "Show Buddy "   10 Ft. Single Axle low profile stock trailer. The same quality frame and construction as our show time ll .  The size is ideal for individual jr. 4-H and FFA show members and small producters. 

Also Available in 12 Ft. Length

We Can Now Ship Trailers To Most Cities In The U.S.  


Shown with optional hog ramp and two sets stop turn lights. 

                                                                                                            FEATURES !
     Low Profile 10 Ft. Showbuddy
                                                                                                     V-Nose Front End  - 6 in. radius 
                                                                                                     3500 lb Rubber Torsion Axle (single Axle Trailer)
                                                                                                     Electric Brakes 
                                      Extended Tongue
                                      Escape Door
                                      Tread Brite Gravel Guard - Front/Fenders/Steps
                                      78" Wide X 56" Tall Cargo Area 
                                      New Tires and Wheels 
                                      Chrome wheel center caps & lug nuts
                                      Spare Tire Carrier Mounted on Inside                     
                                      Sliding Windows in Rear Van Doors
                                      Premium Paint and Primer  (Genesis Paint System)
                                      Heavy Duty 7-Way Electric Connect 
                                      Bull Dog Hitch and Jack with Brace Plate
                                      Rear Van Doors with lockable Cam Latches
                                      All Trailer Doors Lockable   
                                      2 gates with removable center post 
                                                                                                     1 set stop/turn lights - L.E.D. 
    Shown With Optional Hog Loading Ramp                                 4 Two Way Pop Up Aluminum Roof Vents

       The 3  Pen set up consist of 2 divider gates across middle of trailer, center divider  going to back  doors,  and 2 gates immediatly in front of back van doors. This makes 2 small pens at back and 1 large pen in front of trailer. All gates and center post are removable.  Other pen set ups available. We can also install gates inside cargo area at nose for tack area or ad two more pen gates to make a total of 4 pens. 

                                         Show Buddy   10 Ft.  - Single Axle       $6,995.00
                                       Show Buddy   12 Ft.  - Single Axle       $7,495.00
                 Many Custom  Options can be made to the "Show Buddy "  or it will work as is. 

                                         Small Trucks -  S.U.V.'s & Mom Will love it !


                                          Why a low profile Livestock Trailer
Low Profile  livestock trailers are not as tall as conventional livestock trailers therefore catching less wind, creating less drag makes for an easier pulling,  more fuel efficient livestock trailer for ranchers, breeders, and show enthusiast who are not dealing with large animals.  With a lower cargo area it is also easier to keep show animals more comfortable, keeping the stress factor down is especially important with show animals.
    Today there are many uses for low profile livestock trailers with pens that can be adjusted, they can be used as cargo trailers or for a large variety of show and exotic animals. 

                                     Contact:   Customer Service
                                      Ph :   405-248-2600
                                     Email :   wayne@wichitaoline.net

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